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Please enjoy these internet links. 

If you notice a link missing that was once a part of the direct link lists on any of the pages, be aware that it may have been removed for not meeting the acceptable standard required by the Office of Civil Rights resolution requirements pertaining to third party website links for ADA compliance (American Disabilities Act).

Additionally, below are more links for optional learning resources.  They are not directly linked as they have not all been screened for ADA compliance.  

Links from Oxford

Amazing Educational Resources Hundreds of links to Education Companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings 

Facebook Group  - Amazing Educational Resources

Free Audible (Audiobooks) while schools are closed:


All subjects

Khan Academy – All subjects for all grades -


Scholastic Learn at Home


Prodigy Math

Learn Zillion

Math Games


Foreign Language


Online Free Spanish

Digital Dialects

PBS Oh Noah

Rock A lingua

Panda Tree


Language Arts/Reading


No Red Ink

Learn Zillion

Read Write Think

Story Time From Space

Storyline Online

Story Time Family

Children’s Storybooks

Fast Phonics

Professor Garfield Toon Book Reader

Starfall I’m Reading



Scratch Jr.



Marginal Revolution University



Smithsonian Institution


Paris Art Museums


The Kennedy Center

Lunch Doodle with Mo Willems -


College Lectures

Academic Earth


Free Audio Books, Courses, Movies, Textbooks, ebooks, language learning

Warning Adult SupervisionOpen Culture

Warning Adult Supervision: Audio Books