Ms. Murphy

Art Teacher


[email protected]


B.A. of Fine Art
Wayne State University

B.A. in Art Education
Eastern Michigan University

August 2021

I have been an artist since I was 3, drawing on walls and dolls. I then realized that there were other ways to create; on paper, canvas, and I could use clay, fabrics, and explore printmaking, weaving, and computer aided art. So, I decided to be an artist, pursuing a degree in fine art. After working as an artist, I soon found that I enjoyed helping others create and watching them enjoy art as much as I do. Being a featured artist on the Michigan Arttrain helped me realize I am meant to teach art. Since 1997, I have been helping students create art, on paper and canvas, while encouraging artists to try all sorts of art mediums.

My teaching career has been pretty expansive. I have spent my life instructing art, K-12, and have even worked as an adjunct instructor, teaching art education, at Saginaw Valley State University. My career has involved being an elementary art specialist for 18 years, but I have taught middle school art as well as been an art teacher in the adult education environment. I've worked in many summer school programs, created many after-school enrichment classes, and I love to have students connect their art to community. In addition, I am trained in teaching STEAM lessons (science, technology, engineering, ART, and math), and have worked as a LEGO coach.

In my spare time, well, I still focus on art. I have my own side business, The Art Box, which offers art lessons, classes, and I can do all sorts of events and projects. I love to travel, learning about cultures and times. I am a nature lover and am involved in many organizations helping the earth and our animals. Also, my daughter is a musician/artist, and she entertains me with her songs and keeps me on the road, as she's performing all over the world.

As you can see, being an art teacher knowledgeable in many types of art, and one always wanting to learn more about our world, to gain knowledge about our fellow brothers and sisters, and one who thrives on helping others pursue creativity keeps me in line with the IB profile. Being curious, committed to teaching, cooperative and tolerant of others' views, as well as an empath, I have learned to be open-minded, reflective and know there is a need for balance. This is part of my teaching philosophy and provides the light for helping my students shine and feel empowered!

I am VERY excited, honored, and so appreciative of the chance to be a part of the Oxford Wildcat team. I look forward to creating some amazing masterpieces with these amazing young artists at Clear Lake, Daniel Axford, and Leonard.

I am a mother of a wonderfully talented musician, Ally Evenson, who's pursuing her talents and dream of being a singer songwriter. As she is busy traveling the world, I keep busy with my side art project, The Art Box, and spend a lot of time with my dogs, feeding the animals, boating, biking and living on Take Lake in Oxford. I live with my fiancé and can't wait to travel again with him.