April 22, Safety Forum Response

The April 2024 Safety Forum was held on Monday, April 22, 2024 at Lakeville Elementary School. The superintendent, Dr. Vickie Markavitch, welcomed the audience and panel participants. She explained the format of the meeting and guidelines for participation, ensuring all would have a chance to participate. Dr. Markavitch also explained that following the meeting a summary of presentations, panel introductions, and an FAQ document generated from questions brought forward from the audience would be posted to the website. Here is the culmination of that work.

April 2024 Safety Forum Panel Participants

  • Dr. Vickie Markavitch, Superintendent of Oxford Community Schools
  • Dr. Allison Willemin, Executive Director of School Safety, Operational Technology, and Student Services
  • Detective Justin Barnes, Oakland County Sheriff Office Police Liaison for Oxford Middle School
  • Deputy Scott Rafalski, Oakland County Sheriff Office Police Liaison for Oxford High School
  • Dr. Randy Speck, Parent Safety Sub-Committee Representative
  • Craig Pavlock, Parent Safety Sub-Committee Representative
  • James Sommers, Board of Education and District Safety Committee Representative
  • Joe Madore, Village Manager of Oxford
  • Mario Bastianelli, Fortis Representative
  • Matt Conquest, Fortis Representative

The following topics were covered during the Safety Forum:

Forum Questions and Resources

Audience members were able to ask questions specific to the agenda and questions on other topics. FAQs and answers are provided below. Additionally, those in attendance were provided with these QR codes for some of the resources discussed throughout the forum.