Letter From Superintendent Throne

Dear Oxford Community,


We are less than a month away from the election on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, where we have placed two proposals on the ballot for your consideration.  The District has taken considerable time and effort to evaluate the current status of our buildings, grounds, bus fleet, technology, roofs, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and general conditions.  The feedback we received via surveys, board meetings, community meetings, and general conversation made it clear that our community was asking for improvements in the categories mentioned above. 


In cooperation with our architect and construction manager, we have estimated a cost of over $30 million to address all these areas of critical renovations and major improvements.  While I would love to tell you our operational budget can provide the money and resources to accomplish these needs, that simply is not the truth.  Therefore, we have placed two different proposals on the ballot, each utilizing a different financial approach to help us accomplish our goals. 


These proposals are premised on the following:

  • Use the most appropriate financial vehicle for each of the categories, which will ensure the best return on our investments.
  • Maintain our current tax rate for the bond, resulting in NO INCREASE on your taxes.
  • Ask for only the amount we need with the sinking fund, resulting in a proposal of .75 mills each year for five years.
  • Align our proposals with the District’s defined improvement goals and comprehensive Strategic Process.
  • Make recommendations based on what we believe are in the very best interests of our students and the communities we serve.


Oxford Community Schools is proud of our programs, facilities, employees, students, and community members.  While our neighboring school districts and those across the state continue to cut programs, we work to maintain and expand the opportunities that we extend to our students.  We still provide NO pay-to-play or participation fees for any of our art or athletic programs and free entry for senior citizens.  We offer PLTW, pre-engineering and biomedical tracks, Robotics programs and Fifth Core (K-10 daily foreign language instruction).  In the last two-and-a half years, we have almost doubled our CTE (Career Technical Education) course offerings.  We are committed to becoming better every day.  Your voice — your vote — is crucial in helping us to become our best

For further information and the rationale behind the recommendations, please do not hesitate to give me a call (248-969-5114) or review the detailed plans on our website.

Tim Throne