Healthcare Reimbursement Information


January 8, 2018


Oxford Community Schools former and current employees-

On December 20, 2017, the Michigan Supreme Court voted that Public Act 75, which mandated 3% healthcare contributions for public school employees from July 2010-September 2012, is unconstitutional. The contributions were withheld directly from employees’ paychecks issued by Oxford Community Schools during that period.

The member contributions are currently held in escrow by the Michigan Office of Retirement Services and will be refunded to members through the state’s school districts. The ORS announced it “is working to implement the Supreme Court’s decision and return contributions to the school districts where the contributions were withheld.”

According to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services, school districts will receive a list of refunds by employee no later than January 10, 2018, and will receive a lump sum refund from the State on January 22, 2018. 

Once the contributions are received by the district, there will be a period of time for processing before disbursement. At this time, our plans are to distribute the 3% reimbursement by no later than the end of February 2018. 

The state posted a few answers to frequently asked questions on its website and, for now, that’s the extent of the district’s knowledge as well.,4653,7-206-36609-456119--,00.html

A frequently asked question that we have received is “What can I do as a former employee of Oxford Community Schools to ensure the district has my most up to date address in order to ensure timely and accurate payment?

We ask that these former employees contact both the district at as well as

MiAccount to confirm and/or update their contact information.

The above information is the best we currently have and is subject to change. However, as we gather more pertinent information and details, we will pass them along.


Thank you for your patience,

Oxford Community Schools Administration