Evolv Kiosks Ordered for OMS

Dear Oxford Schools Community,


With the current heightened state of safety threats present for not just our district but schools nationwide and the tragedy we have all endured, today the district has placed an order for two Evolv weapons detection systems to be installed at Oxford Middle School. Although these systems will not be free of charge, as the high school’s currently are, they will add a needed layer of safety and hopefully bring additional peace of mind for our OMS students, parents, and staff.  The systems will be on a four-year lease contract. We are currently working to reallocate awarded grant funding to be able to cover this monthly expense. We are appreciative of the support from our school board members as we made this decision. The Evolv systems are projected to arrive within the next few weeks. ESS armed security guards will be manning these machines daily along with the assistance of school administration.  One of the Evolv weapons detection systems will be located at the OMS main entrance and the other will be located at the gymnasium entrance.  

We will be planning a presentation and demonstration of the Evolv weapons detection system for middle school families to attend. More information will be coming on those details in the near future.

This past 11 months have been difficult for us all as we heal and navigate our new reality and all that accompanies it. Providing a safe and secure environment for our students is vital in their ability to learn and grow. Our hope is this added layer of protection will help aid in that safety for our students, staff, and parents.


Ken Weaver