February 7, Message from the Michigan State Police

Dear Oxford Schools Community,

We wanted to share with you information that has been sent to us from the Michigan State Police this morning regarding phone calls received at school districts around our state. These calls were falsely stating information occurring within the school buildings.  Although the Oxford Community Schools District has not received any of these targeted calls, we wanted to share with you this information as we know they may be cause for concern. Below is the email the district received from the Michigan State Police.

Vickie L. Markavitch


Good morning,

The DSEMIIC and the MIOC have become aware of several “swatting” calls that are targeting educational facilities around the state, including K-12 schools in Detroit, Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Okemos. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies report the following

  • A caller with a heavy accent
  • Caller states a school’s name and gives the address for the school
  • Caller states that they are a teacher in the school, reports that a student has shot another student
  • The teacher states the shooting occurred in room numbers that are found to not exist in the school

DSEMIIC and the MIOC assess that these are the actions of a coordinated campaign targeting K-12 education facilities in Michigan.   

At this time, neither the DSEMIIC or the MIOC are aware of any specific or credible threats to K-12 educational facilities in Michigan. 

If you become aware of any incidents in your jurisdiction, please pass this information to the MIOC so that we may track. 

This information is being provided for your situational awareness.  It may be passed to law enforcement, public safety, emergency management and education partners for their awareness. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection Desk
Email: [email protected]
Office: 517-275-0466
MIOC:  517-241-8000
FAX:     517-284-3267