July 24, Have You Moved Recently?


Dear Oxford Schools Parents and Guardians,


A reminder to all of our families, IF you have moved recently, no matter how close or far, please email necessary residency documentation to our Enrollment Specialist Kathy Rastigue at [email protected]. Student services must have current proofs of residency. 


Do you own your own home?
Provide current, mortgage statement or property tax statement AND either a current, utility bill or cell phone bill with your name, address, and current date.

Do you rent?
Provide current, lease AND current, utility bill or cell phone bill both need your name, address, and current date, if the lease has expired and is now month to month, please provide the landlords, name, address, and phone number for verification.

Do you live with a relative?
Relative must provide current, mortgage statement or property tax statement or lease with their name, address, and current date. Parent must provide a current, utility bill or cell phone bill, with their name, address, and current date.
Relative and parent must both bring their driver’s license and sign a residency affidavit that is notarized. Our Student Services staff can notarize at no charge. 


Please note:

*Addresses will not be changed until the appropriate proofs of residency are received by Student Services.

*Transportation cannot make any changes to bus routes until the change is entered into Powerschool.

*Teacher placement and schedules will not be given if proofs are not received by Student Services. 


If you have any questions, please contact Enrollment Specialist, Kathy Rastigue by phone, 248-969-5019, or by email [email protected]


- Oxford Community Schools