July 25, Supports For The Upcoming Miller Hearings


Dear Oxford Schools Families and Staff,

The ongoing mental and emotional health of our school community is very important for all of us in our healing journey. Our district partners at Easterseals have cautioned us that as the Miller Hearing begins this week, we may be affected in ways we do not expect. That it will be normal for many of us to feel activated from learning new information, either immediately or even as a few days pass and it begins to set in. They have let us know it is okay to come up with a plan to surround ourselves with people that will support us in feeling safe and calm.  It is okay to turn off the news or disconnect from media to engage in activities that will allow our nervous systems to feel more relaxed. It is okay to focus on our needs and what we can control.

We are all impacted, to one degree or another, by this horrible crime. Our district partners are a source of support and links to their resources are listed below. Their services are available for any of us- students, families, and staff- who may need them:

For more mental health resources visit our website.


Oxford Community Schools