October 18, District Mental Health Committee App.

District Mental Health Committee Application- Parent/Guardian

Dear Oxford Parent/Guardian,

As part of our Three Year Recovery Plan, we are assembling a committee to learn more about mental health practices and how we can encourage school community awareness, understanding, and action for youth mental heath.

As part of this committee, you will be tasked with:

-Providing input from your unique stakeholder perspective as a parent/guardian

-Review current practices and provide your feedback

We are looking for 1-2 parents/guardians per level to join this committee work. Other committee members will include staff, parents/guardians, students, a board member, and administrators. 

We will meet 3-4 times per year as a large, K-12 committee but may have some small group, grade level specific meetings as well. Meetings will be held during the school day. 

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Pamela Biehl LMSW, Ed S
Executive Director of Special Education

Todd Barlass,LMSW, Ed S
Executive Director of Student Services and Wellness