September 26, Situation at Crossroads for Youth

Dear Oxford Parents,

This evening the Crossroads for Youth Agency had an emergency situation during parent visitation time.  An altercation occurred outside with an agency youth, their parent and a guest of the parent.  After the altercation and the youth returned into the residential hall, the guest pulled a firearm from his car and fired a single shot into the air.  No one was injured. The parent and the guest were the only individuals outside when the shot was fired. The Crossroads for Youth Agency immediately went into their lockdown safety procedures and called law enforcement. The police promptly took both the parent and the guest into custody. 

For those unfamiliar with Crossroads for Youth Agency, it is a private, nonprofit residential program for at-risk youth from across Michigan. It is located on the southern border of Oxford on 160 acres on James Hunt Drive.  It has existed in Oxford since 1953. Due to its location, our district provides the education for the children who reside at the agency. This incident happened after school hours and no one under the employment of Oxford Schools was involved.  Although, this incident did not occur within the Oxford Crossroads Day School nor does it involve the school district as a whole, we wanted to make you aware of it considering our current sensitivities within our community.


Ken Weaver