Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to enroll my student?
All students MUST Pre-enroll online and bring required documents to the Student Services.

Who can enroll my student?  
Legally only the mother or father on the birth certificate or Legal Guardian with custody documents can enroll a student.

At what age can a child begin Kindergarten?  
A student must be 5 years old, on or before
September 1 for 2015

What do I need to bring to my appointment to enroll my student?
Pre-Enroll online and bring required documents to your appointment with Student Services: Certified Birth Certificate with seal, Proofs of residency (see required docs list), Immunizations, Driver's license, Custody or Guardianship documents, IEP, MET or 504 Plan for Special Education. 

Why do I need to provide proofs of residency?
The law requires us to prove:
1) proof of district
2) proof of residency 
State funding is based on proving this information. 

If I move do I need to provide new proofs of residency?
Yes, any time your residency changes, you need to bring your new proofs of residency to Student Services.  Addresses and transportation will not be changed until documentation is received.

What is a "certified" birth certificate?
A "certified" birth certificate has a raised seal and must be obtained through the city or county offices.

Is the "certified" birth certificate kept by the school district?
No, a copy of the birth certificate will be made for the student's records, the original will be returned.

Can I fax my student's enrollment information and documentation to enroll them?
No, a Parent or Legal Guardian, MUST Pre-Enroll online and then MUST physically complete enrollment of the student in person, bring the required documentation

Does your student receive additional services?
If your child has an IEP & MET, 504 Plan or Medical Plan, please contact Student Services to discuss.

Which elementary school will my student attend?
Students are placed at their "home" school, based on their residency.

In-District Transfers - What is the difference between Schools of Choice and In-District Transfers?
Schools of Choice means that you do not live within the Oxford District boundaries. 
In-District Transfer means you live within the district boundaries, but are requesting that your student be placed in another school within the district.  This exception must be "justified by circumstances and is in the best interest of the student".  This exception must be approved by both the sending and receiving Principals.

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