August 16, New Safety Layer


Dear Oxford Schools Families,

As we approach the new school year, we wanted to inform you we are adding an additional layer of security to all our district buildings. Drift Net Safety Management System will be installed district-wide in the upcoming weeks. It is a comprehensive, multilayered, 24/7 AI-powered safety and security solution that accounts for the dynamic nature of hazards and threats.

One of Drift Net’s safety and security features is AI-powered weapons and threat detection.  In the event of a potentially harmful or dangerous situation the system will record video and audio clips and alert appropriate personnel. Examples of these situations may include the identification of a weapon, a gunshot, the sound of glass breaking, or a fire. Regular operation of the safety management system does not allow for live human surveillance or recording, nor does it allow anyone to drop in and view the live events occurring in the building. ONLY in the event of a harmful or dangerous situation occurring, a recording of that situation will be made. 

Additionally, we are also having Drift Net’s vape detection devices installed within our student bathrooms and locker rooms.  We are sincerely hoping this will help us mitigate the ongoing health concerns in which some of our students are struggling since vaping began.  As a reminder, tobacco of any sort is not allowed on school grounds and students found to be vaping will be subject to discipline per the Student Code of Conduct.

While we cannot reveal all aspects of the new Drift Net Safety Management System, as they are protected under the rules of the Emergency Operations Plan for our safety, we want you to be informed of the addition of this new safety layer.  As it is a new system, we will use it alongside the systems we currently have in place for the duration of the school year.

We are grateful to add Drift Net to the district as it will elevate the level of safety and security for students and staff district-wide. 

Dr. Vickie Markavitch