Returned Check Procedure

Returned Check Procedure
During the current fiscal year, as many as 15 bad checks have been sent to the school district in a single month across all of our programs – Athletics, Food Service, Child Care, General Fund, etc.  The processing of these items requires extensive efforts to contact and meet with the responsible parties; resolve the situations; reconcile the discrepancies; prepare adjustments; and post the journal entries. 
We are currently investigating available online payment options for all of the items that are currently paid to the district by check. The payment process that will eventually be selected should be similar to the one that is already in place for meal payments. There are several companies offering these services, and we are looking for the company that can provide the best service for our needs.
In order for the school district to cover its costs of handling and resolving bad checks, we are initiating a $25 bad check processing fee.  This is not being imposed as a means of generating more revenue.  We would prefer that all of the checks received by the district are good, whereby the district would receive no money from these fees. Our staff simply can’t afford to spend their time chasing down these checks, and our staff’s time is valuable.  If someone truly cannot afford a particular item, the most expedient way to address this is for the concerned party to contact the district person in charge of the program beforehand, discuss the situation, and come to a mutual agreement as to how to handle the situation.
We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that require payment. When we do not receive proper payment, we are short-changing the others who have been diligent in their payments, and we are causing our staff to do an undue amount of work. We ask for your support and understanding in this process.