Oxford Technology Department

District Director of Cybersecurity & Operational Technology: Saso Vasovski
248.969.1809, [email protected]

Senior Technology Consultant: Debbie Fox
248.969.5191, [email protected]

District Technology Manager:  Brad Smith
248.460.7006, [email protected]

District Technician: Trevor Marshall
248.969.5144, t[email protected] 

District Technology Specialist: John Ward
248.572.9592, [email protected]

District Lead Systems Administrator: Jason French
248.572.9591, [email protected]

CLE/DA Technology Specialist: Landon Boose
248.969.5255, [email protected]

Lakeville/Leonard/Trans. Technology Specialist: Aaron Spezia
248.969.1878, [email protected]

OES/OELC Technology Specialist: Aaron Bennett
248.969.1898, [email protected]

Technology Specialist: Alexander Thiel
248.969.1825, [email protected]

OHS Technology Specialist: Greg Stawick
248.969.5122, [email protected]

OVA Technology Specialist:  Steve Reid
248.572.9573, [email protected]

OVA Technology Specialist: 

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