Schoology Sign-up Directions

Oxford Community Schools is excited to announce that Schoology will be replacing Haiku as our online Learning Management System or LMS.  This parent account will be used in addition to your PowerSchool parent account.  

Our students will utilize Schoology to experience 21st century learning and gain access to coursework, class resources and tools to support them in each class.  Teachers will be extending their classrooms through the internet to enrich, differentiate, and improve your student’s curriculum with increased opportunities for online learning and improved curriculum delivery.  Like Haiku, your student(s) will also find their homework, assignments, class information, articles, websites, and other classroom tools within Schoology. 

Although Schoology will take some time for our students, staff and parents to integrate into their use, Schoology does offer additional features that Haiku does not provide.  Many teachers will choose to link some Google classroom features within Schoology, but every teacher will maintain an updated Schoology page for each of their classes.  This Schoology class page should serve as a starting point for you and your student(s) when utilizing class information, assignments, homework, etc. 

Schoology is a closed system so only those individuals who are invited to participate may do so.  Please remember that your student(s) will be interacting with Oxford School teachers and fellow classmates within Schoology.  As always, please monitor your student(s) use of the internet to maintain his or her safety, as we will continue to do so at school.  

Parents can only view their student(s)’ class information.  For example, parents cannot interact with students, participate in discussions, and submit assignments through parent access. 

Please visit the webpage: to sign up for your parent Schoology account using the parent invitation code sent to you via email in August.


On the first screen, please select Parent

Parent log in screen 

On the second screen, please enter in your Schoology Access Code and select Continue

Schoology app interface

  • Once you’re signed in, you should see all classes for your student.
  • Families can use the same access code to set up parent accounts for their student.  For example, a mother and father of a student can use the same access code to set up their accounts on their phones and/or computers.
  • To add a student to your account, log into your Schoology account and click on the Add Child button in your Schoology account.  This button is on the top right side.
  • Enter in the Schoology Parent Access code for the additional student.


Schoology instructions 

Select User Code

Add all your students and they will appear on the right top side.

You can add the Schoology app on your phone.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Debbie Fox @ [email protected]