Powerschool Directions

How to Set Up your PowerSchool Account

To begin using your PowerSchool account after August 25, just follow these easy steps:

Make sure you have your personal PowerSchool ID and password for each of your students.  This information would have come to you n an email in August.  If you do not have this information, reach out to your child's school and ask for assistance to get it.

Go to https://oxford.powerschool.com/public/home.html. You may also follow the link off of the District’s website

When you access this site, do not enter in your User Name or Password here. Click on the Create Account.  

Type in your:  First Name Last Name, your email address if you have one. You may enter as many email addresses that you want (separate multiple email addresses with a comma). Enter in the User Name that you want to use.

Enter in the password that you want to use, re-enter the password.

In the Link Students to Account section, enter the name of your student, the Access ID listed below and the Access Password. This is case sensitive, please make sure to capitalize the first letter of the Access ID. Select your Relationship with the student from the “drop-down” menu.

Enter the information for each of your students. Click on Enter when done.

You will be taken back to the sign-in screen where you will type in the User Name and Password that you just created. You will now be able to access the grades and attendance of your students.

If you have entered multiple students, you will see the students’ name listed on the PowerSchool screen after you have logged in. Students may be added after you have created your account by selecting Account Preferences, Students and entering the information.

**If you already have a PowerSchool Parent account, you may add additional students by logging into your existing account and selecting Account Preferences, Students and entering your elementary students’ information.

If you need any assistance with Powerschool please contact, Barb Massie, [email protected]