Schools of Choice Enrollment

Oxford Community Schools is a Schools of Choice participant.  This allows students, who do not live within our district boundaries, to apply for enrollment.  The Oxford Community School board approves requirements for Schools of Choice candidates twice a year.  We have right of School Placement based on availability just prior to school starting. Schools of Choice Elementary students will be placed after resident students who live within the district boundaries are placed.  Students are not eligible after School of Choice is closed.


      ·         Student must apply during specific time frames
·         Student must qualify for the program and grade levels offered
·         Student cannot have been suspended
·         Student cannot have been expelled
·         Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school
·         Student must arrive on time to school

To begin the enrollment process, please click here.

Email [email protected] once you have completed the online and uploaded the required documentation.

Printable PDF Enrollment Document Check Off List

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