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The Honorable Vicente Sanches Ventura
The Honorable Vicente
Sanches Ventura

Consulate of Mexico in Detroit

It is very important that students learn more about the world and its globality.  Students now and in the future will have technology in their hands that they can use to learn more about the international arena.

It was, for me, very important to learn that Oxford Schools is open to global education.  Oxford has initiatives and a vision that are two elements that will be beneficial to its students, and the community in general.  Congratulations on your vision.  We look forward in the Consultate of Mexico to helping Oxford create the model global school.

Executive Vice President for Detroit Chinese Business Association
Lingyan Yan
Executive Vice President for
Detroit Chinese Business Association

China is a very important partner with the U.S.  It is growing very fast in every industry and there are many business opportunities. Your Mandarin Chinese program will really benefit your students for the future. They have a wonderful opportunity to learn Chinese, and these language skills can help attract Chinese companies and investors to Oakland County.

Thank you for sharing your unique and profound vision of your school.  It is very impressive!

Noel Nevshehir Director of International
Noel Nevshehir
Director of International
 Business Services
Automation Alley

I wish the rest of America would follow the model that you've created here in Oxford.  The rules of the game have changed with globalization. Today, it's an absolute requirement that students are exposed to different cultures, languages and history in order to be successful in today's economy, it's hyper-competitive.

Learning more about what you're doing in Oxford, it's extremely uplifting. Oxford School District is a force of change.  It really gives us a lot of hope that students of the future will be much better prepared for the world economy.

In order to attract companies and create jobs in this region, we need to be able to show to them that our workforce is not only educated, but has the language skills required to communicate cross-culturally. 

Programs like yours will provide an answer to some of the skill sets we seem to be losing in this country.  You are making my job so much easier.  As director of International Business Services at Automation Alley, my role includes attracting foreign companies to Michigan.  We can show them that we have great schools that teach students the critical skills that will be necessary for students to be successful in the future.  It really makes things a lot easier.  Most decision-makers look at the quality of life and quality of education when they consider moving to Michigan.  I think you are doing a great job in terms of fulfilling that role.

Chuck Holmes
Asia Pacific
Business Development Manager
Oakland County Economic Development

It is truly amazing what is happening in the Oxford Schools.  You are really out front in improving public education and doing it at a time when it seems everyone else is cutting programs.  Words cannot really express my amazement!
L. Brooks Patterson
L. Brooks Patterson
Oakland County Executive

In my 2007 State of the County Address, I urged the superintendents of our 28 school districts to undertake the teaching of Mandarin Chinese in their respective districts. Today, 24 of the 28 school districts are, in fact, teaching Mandarin Chinese language currently, while all 28 districts have added to their curriculum courses in Chinese culture and history.

Why did I think that was necessary? China is a rising world power. It will be the largest economy in the world by 2020. Today more English is spoken in China than is spoken in America. So it is obvious that the Chinese are getting their kids ready for the challenges of the global economy. America must do no less.

Learning the Chinese language, culture, and history will give our kids in Oakland County, at least, a leg up on the competition and a better opportunity of succeeding on the global stage.

Michael Flangan Superintendent of Public
Michael Flangan
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Michigan Department of Education

What I know by observation, from the 30 or so districts I've visited, no one is near Oxford in terms of a global focus that prepares kids for a global economy and a global world.  Oxford is really leading the pack.

This is the top district I've seen so far to prepare folks for a global world.  As State Superintendent, what I need to do is find a way to intrigue others to learn more about what you're doing here.