January 19, Tribute Memorial Timeline

Dear Wildcat Nation,

The temporary memorial that has been created by our community played a beautiful role in honoring and remembering our lost Wildcats and provided a place for our community to grieve. As our high school welcomes students back to the building on Monday, trauma specialist Dr. Henry, along with those from other schools that have gone through similar situations, have advised us that the temporary memorial should not be there when our students return to campus in order to further their healing process. 

The families of our lost and injured Wildcats will be given the opportunity over the next few days to choose items they wish to take home with them. All other items and signs will be collected and stored until long-term memorial plans are made. We have had the temporary memorial professionally 3-D scanned. 

We will soon begin to plan for a permanent memorial to honor the beautiful lives that have been lost. This will be a long and well thought out process. It will first begin with consulting the families of the victims and discussing their wishes. Then, a committee of students, staff, and parents will be created to begin this planning.

If anyone in our school community would like to visit the temporary memorial outside of OHS before it is taken down, we invite you to visit it through Saturday, January 22. Everything will be removed on Sunday so that we are ready to welcome students back on Monday, January 24.

Oxford StrOng,

Tim Throne