February 14, Updates for Oxford and MSU Families

Oxford Community Schools remains heartbroken to hear the news out of Michigan State University and recognizes how close to home this may feel to you and your loved ones. Our staff began working diligently through the night to incorporate and organize extra supports for our staff and students.  In order to meet the diverse needs of both our staff and students we have brought in additional counselors, substitute teachers, and Oakland Schools staff across all of our buildings. Our Oxford Wildcat Pack Therapy Dogs are all in service across the district and building principals have communicated to staff and students how they can access these resources. We have also increased security personnel, along with support from local police authorities for all daytime and evening activities. Our staff also began contacting families of our 2022 graduates attending MSU and will continue that throughout the day.

Community Resources are available to all Oxford community members, including staff, students, alumni, and neighbors, through the All-in for Oxford Resiliency Center between 9:00am and 6:00pm today. Please refer to their website or social media page for real time updates.  https://www.allforoxford.org/

The Oxford Community is Oxford Strong, and we will continue to Radiate and Shine as we embrace each other through the news of this senseless tragedy.


Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch
Oxford Community Schools