January 13, A Message from Supt. Dr. Markavitch

Dear Oxford Schools Families,

First, I must share with you the honor it is to serve the district of Oxford. In my time as the superintendent of Oakland County Schools I grew to have great respect for your district and the top tier education it provides to the students of this community and surrounding areas through your virtual academy. 

Throughout my career I have worked in districts facing difficult obstacles and have helped to work through them.  It is my deepest desire to use the knowledge and experience built up through my career to help your school community move forward in the education of your children while honoring and respecting the profound loss and pain you have all experienced.  There is no way I can understand what you have each gone through and I understand that everyone is in a different place in their healing, their hopes, and their expectations. You have my deepest sympathies and respect. You have my commitment to serve you to the best of my capabilities.

While the superintendent search committee conducts the process to find the best possible long-term leader for the district, I will be your interim superintendent.  In this time span I have three main goals I hope to achieve. The first is to help move this already great district to a level even greater, giving your students the highest quality education possible.  I am determined to see that nothing stands in the way of our educational leaders and the exemplary education they provide. I can tell you the three-year recovery plan that is in place is excellently constructed, and I see evidence of it be implemented daily. My second goal is to share with you the data and progress of the recovery plan in regular communications throughout the months ahead.  Finally, my third priority is to continue to grow the trust within the community, district staff, students, and one another.  To achieve this, I hope to implement additional modes and methods of two-way communication between the many different stakeholder groups.

In this past week I have received a warm welcome from the community and met at length with board members, administrators, and staff throughout the district.  I also spent time at the high school and in the week ahead I plan to continue my school and classroom visits in the district. To what I have witnessed so far, I can tell you that Oxford has an excellent and hardworking team, synergistically focused on your student’s wellbeing and education. I look forward to propelling its educational mission forward.

Best Regards,
Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch
Interim Superintendent
Oxford Community Schools